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Introducing Google Looker Studio Integration: Enhance Your Data Insights!

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Google Looker Studio, the user-friendly and cost-free data visualisation tool, now seamlessly connects with Appnalysis® through our custom connector. Gain access to valuable app insights and market share information, with even more exciting features on the way!

Unleash Creativity

Through Google Looker Studio all of the data that Appnalysis® provides can be manipulated and displayed in any way you can think of, using our pre-set templates or your own creations. From market details about the releases of competing apps ship in a given timeframe to library analysis providing detailed information on which OS features are being used and how, Google Looker Studio’s Appnalysis® connector will be your all-encompassing market research tool.

Effortless Sharing

Collaboration made simple! Share your insightful reports with internal teams and external stakeholders without any hassle.

Getting Started

Sign up for your Appnalysis® account if you haven't already, and connect it to Google Looker Studio using our dedicated connector from the Google Looker Studio Community Connector's Gallery.

Expert Support

Our team is here to help. Access our support guide or reach out to us for personalised assistance here. Alternatively, Google's Looker Studio support hub can be found here.

Ready to Elevate Your Data Insights? Sign up for Appnalysis® now and experience the synergy of Google Looker Studio integration!